Feel Good Lip Luxury

Made to make you happy.


Experience the most delicious flavours that come from real fruits, flowers and herbs. Lixr's Long-lasting lip treatments offer a soothing break for your lips that's enjoyable for both mind and body.

Hand made in small batches.

Healthy ingredients
Organic aromatics
Lip hydration

“Lip Nourishment combined with delicious essential oils to brighten your mood.”

Susanne Langmuir, LIXR Founder

More than Lip Service.


Our healthy planet requires healthy bees so we’ve scrutinized the source and origin of every ingredient, including beeswax, to ensure we use Leaping-Bunny certified ingredients.


We've exclusively used feel-good ingredients with a long-standing history in providing benefits without harm. Our lip-safe aromatics are formulated using European safety guidelines.


We favour organic flavours & ingredients instead of petroleum or silicone ones because they simply don't hydrate, nourish, or provide the same benefits as botanical ones.

No Shortcuts

We are so passionate about ingredients we grow some of them ourselves at Lixr Farms. We're sticklers for quality and purity to the point that it’s annoying (sorry, not sorry).


By eliminated unnecessary packaging and selecting post-consumer waste materials, we aim to be as pretty and sustainable as your healthy and hydrated lips.


We're very proud to disclose our suppliers and producers because they are the best in the world, and it's not easy to produce exceptional ingredients.



I’m Susanne Langmuir. I’ve followed my passion to become the founder of three extraordinary brands sold worldwide and I've created award-winning products using ingredients I’ve personally sourced throughout the world.

With 20 years of experience as a celebrated cosmetic formulator good-for-you lip luxury is my specialty. My passion for sourcing the best organic ingredients in the world has lead me to create LIXR – truly extraordinary lip treatments like no other.

I am also an organic farmer, and I know first-hand, there are no short-cuts to create healthy ingredients. It takes passion, experience and unyielding dedication.

XO Susanne